More 100 Anniversary mouth watering Colts!!!

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  1. Dr Zakir's Avatar
    This one is better
  2. arfat110's Avatar
    love this new colt want one
  3. shayan ali's Avatar
    really nice.
  4. pakgunner's Avatar
    u r true bro really mouth watering
  5. Skeeter60's Avatar
    Is the stock ivory or man made material?
  6. Starfish's Avatar
    Ofcourse. 25,000 USD should get you ivory grips with gold inlaid colt medallions, and a gun serial 1911COLT2011 engraved on the slide (also gold inlay).
  7. Skeeter60's Avatar
    I saw Sig Sauer X 5 with exactly the same grips but wrap around and Farhan said those were Ivory and he sold one for 12.5 lacs