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Sharp Shooter
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just wach that english movie lock stock and two smoking barrels some of the best and most expensive gunS come out of the uk thoght wonder how many end up in pakistan ooo.o1 percent then again you want a gun thats good in all weather that dos its job in all conditions not a mantle pice that you spend all your life polishing and cleaning then keep it in a glass box so it dos not get tainted.

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Very nice link shooter.
James Purdey and Sons or simply "Purdey" is a famous British gunmaker of London, and the name is synonymous with the very finest sporting shotguns and rifles. Purdeys hold or have held numerous warrants of appointment as gun and rifle makers to the British and other European royal families.

Purdey was established in London in 1814.Queen Victoria is recorded as having bought a pair of Purdey pistols.
While Purdey's are best known as makers of fine shotguns, they also continue to produce rifles, both double-barreled and bolt-action. Both because the Purdey name is arguably the most prestigious of any firearms manufacturer and because the guns are custom-made, largely by hand, they are extremely expensive. A new Purdey shotgun starts at around $100,000.

Dr Zakir
09-08-2009, 02:07 PM
i think these guns have only snob value so that few elite can tell that they have some thing which others dont have thats why they are so ridicoulsly overpriced . what kind of extra quality could they deliver over such brands as beretta and benelli. they just charge for their name .

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Wonderful link SS.

These are exotic masterpieces, not for the everyday gun enthusiast. The best part is that the combine value, beauty and practicality. Yes, they do charge for their name, but a lot of work goes into these guns. Research a bit about double barrel rifles. The efforts that go into accurizing them is well worth the money paid for them, as 2 parallel barrels are zeroed to one point of aim at a certain range. Double rifles are the preferred choice of many African big game hunters. They are way faster than a bolt-action or single shot where a second shot is important, can handle larger, powerful calibers, and have little to no chance of malfunction, unlike semi-autos.

Gotta start saving up my pocket money for this kind of stuff :lol:

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thanks for the appreciation brothers

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Thanks for sharing such a nice link gentleman.

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