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Thread: Visit to "kachho". A journey through time

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    Visit to "kachho". A journey through time

    I was invited for the first hunt of the season . But since the flood water has spread on millions of acres thus the low number of early arrived birds has been scattered on a vast area .I, hence, suggested to take a tour of the area with the guns ready to shoot lying by our side . Friends agreed and we proceeded early in the pre-dawn times of Sunday to have a trip of the arid zone of Sindh called as the “Kachho” in Sindhi. The subject area located in upper Sindh is mainly consisting upon “Kheerthar ”mountain range which starts from the western side of District Kamber-Shahdadkot (part of old District Larkano) and reaches sea shores of Sindh by crossing through old Dadu District . The word “ Kachho” is derived from the Sindhi word “Kachh” means “Lap” . The reason behind this name seems to be the location of this area as this area is situated in the “Kachh” or in the “lap” of “Kheeerthar “ mountain range . The word “Kheerthar” is also a fascinating word having the meaning of “ Cream of the Milk” ( that we usually see in fresh milk immediately after milking a she Camel or cow or after boiling the milk ). This name , “Kheerthar” has probably taken its origin from the shape of hills found in this particular mountain range .
    This visit made me sad . There I witnessed a calamity, a catastrophe in a slow progress . The torrential rains on the mountains of Baluchistan caused damage over there too but Sindh has took most of the devastation, both in shape of loss of lives and destruction of infrastructure. The water of flood caused by rains on the Baluchistan mountains has ultimately to pass through this area. The flood water , after entering Sindh and devastating the districts of Kandhkot-Kashmore, JacobAbad and shikarpur , has started to play havoc with this area. The roads and tracks connecting “ Kachho” to main plains have been cut off. This is the third consecutive natural calamity hitting this area in 3 years. It means, a calamity in each and every year. The Govt is working to mitigate the sufferings but the scale of destruction seems to be overwhelming and beyond available resources
    The results of shoot were encouraging. But the thing I want to share with fellow Pakgunners is not the outcome of our gun shots but rather the images of a an old and pre-historic yet ” an effective –to-the-date” method of hunting . This is not the first time for me to observe this method, yet it may be new and interesting to some of our brethren living in cities
    While on our journey to Dadu distict, driving on a narrow track surrounded by flood water , we passed by a camp of fishermen, where I saw a large sized Heron/ great Egret tied up nearby . Heron is treated as haram so obviously it was meant for some purpose other than making a meal out of it , and I knew the purpose, so decided to take a halt and some pictures. As we stopped, a boy emerged from deep water with another heron in his hands . My presumption was true , these herons were doomed to be made the decoys out of them. Those decoys are locally called as “ MODO” The tribal head of those fishermen appeared to knowing me already , he greeted us and offered to take a few sips of Sulemani Chai , alredy being prepared by them as a part of their breakfast . I thanked and returned his favour in shape of fruits and juices .
    After discussing the flood and related matters , I inquired about the subject decoys .Till he answers the question, My query was responded by another excited youth probably the first timer to use and witness the effectiveness of theses decoys . He was not a fisherman, rather a local to area those fishermen were camping in .So he was justified in being amazed. He told us “ Saeen , by wearing these decoys, I am able to catch the living and healthy birds with my bare hands and before they could feel anything, I drag them in the water by holding their legs and break their wings . All I have to do is to follow the prescribed method of hunt .”

    These decoys are made of locally stuffed and hollowed birds of different species. The hollow abdominal cavity of stuffed bird is supported by a net like structure made of locally available and flexible branches of “Lai” wood and then such decoy is worn on the head as a cap . After wearing this decoy ,The hunter hides himself in deep water and approaches the birds slowly and if the hunter manages his approach in a natural way and at a slow pace , the target birds do not feel the approaching bird to be a decoy concealing a human till the moment the hunter drag them inside water by holding them from their legs and subsequently breaking their wings.



    boy bringing an other heron doomed to be used as a decoy

    view of hollowed stuffed bird

    an other view

    view of decoy

    my buddy wearing decoy

    my friends wearing the decoys of different species

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    Great write up. Real sad to hear about how the media still hasn't covered the entirety of destruction the whole country continues to face. I used to live in a place where it use to rain nearly every 2 days, yet never seen any puddles or water logging. It is the people who need to mobilize and work towards permanent solutions rather than having roads and infrastructure built just to have them washed away. It is doable, if there is no money then suffer for a few years and save to build something that will stand every year, rather than waste money to get quick fixes. I did not have a TV for 3 years while i was studying, I saved for 3 years to buy something that I really wanted. These are things taught by parents and society as a whole. I have noticed that whatever problems we face in this world today, the finger always somehow points to ones own self. Good upbringing and honesty is the need for the hour, and lets hope that God gives these people who have suffered through so much the will to fight their own problems.

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