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Thread: Sindh Arms and Balouchistan Arms Liecense.

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    Red face Sindh Arms and Balouchistan Arms Liecense.

    Saalam All,

    I have a short querry about the Sindh and Balouchistan Arms Liecenses, are they open now or are still banned.

    Secondly, are Balouchistan licenses good to have if you are living in Karachi.

    Any notification of ban lifed would be quite helpful.


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    Licenses are banned everywhere. Only MOI is open for tax payers without any exemption.

    Having Balochistan License with Karachi Address on CNIC does not make any sense. Every province is not renewing the same. I guess Balochistan will follow the same. If that happened, you will be in jeopardy.

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    Thanks alot for the feed back.

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    Sindh Licenses are very much open. 40k is the rate for a simple sindh one not all pak. Delivery time is around one month or so. Give or take a few days. All pak sindh lic was 45k last I checked.
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