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Thread: PakGuns Guns Cleaner and Lubricant

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    i mean stoeger couger 8000f

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    i dig out this old but ever new thread as the quest for a good CLP never ends for a gun lover, our " one & only " brother 12 gauge has formulated this " wonder lube" & " pak gun lubricant" that have been mentioned for many times but remain " elusive" from most of the new commers like me.... i can just say " its just amazing " ... we are lucky to have u here brother 12 gauge..... ALLAH KARE ZOR-E-QALAM AOR ZEYADA .... but should i say that ALLAH KARE FORCE-E- PANCH-E- KEY BOARD AUR ZEYADA..... one question bro 12 gauge ,,,, as this post is years old , have u made any change in the ingridients or quantity thereof ? .. and why didnt u use it in ur recent tutorial of auto loader shot gun... as far as i remember , u preferred to use diesel only
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    AOA brother 12 gauge,
    I hope you wont mind digging this thread out of grave
    I just wanted to know that the Pak guns CLP i have made as per your instructions is a bit low in viscosity so is it like that or you made it a bit dense ?
    Secondly is t fine to use on a new gun because am afraid regarding the bluing of the gun ?
    Do i have to clean away the CLP with a new CHINDI ( sorry i dunno the proper English substitute of it ) after cleaning the gun with it ?
    Can i clean the outer surface of the barrel with this CLP without any damage ?

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