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Thread: New Hunting Section Rules. Please follow to avoid Inconvenience.

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    New Hunting Section Rules. Please follow to avoid Inconvenience.

    PakGuns is an international forum
    which has a majority Pakistani membership. Forums by definition are just places for discussion, information exchange and little else. PakGuns or it's management in no way provides any hunting services nor are we responsible for any content which any member of this forum posts on this website. Whatever whenever anyone has hunted, in which ever country, province, legal or illegal it is solely at his own discretion and responsibility and we have no power to control or stop it. As a forum all we can do is request members not to hunt illegal species or indulge in poaching. There is no way for us to verify anything, it is the job of Wildlife departments to keep a check on illegal hunting and not ours.

    The PakGuns forum has it's own rules of which content is allowed on it's website and what is not. These rules are not open for debate and are not dependent on any provincial or national hunting policies of Pakistan or any other country.

    The new rules are below. No pictures or information exchange of Hunts (legal or illegal) are allowed for the following species:

    1). All kinds of Markhors
    2). All kinds of Ibex
    3). All kinds of Urial
    4). All kinds of Deer
    5). Blue Sheep
    6). Marco polo
    7). Brown and Black Bears
    8). Leopard
    9). Chinkara
    10). Neel Gai

    The only exception is if any of the above game is hunted in Africa, North America or Europe.

    In Birds:

    1). All types of Pheasants (If Hunted in Pakistan)
    2). Great Indian Bustard, Imperial Bustard, Houbara Bustard etc.
    3). Peacocks

    Misc Points on the above:

    1). Only pictures of hunts of the above species are not allowed. Pictures of the animals/birds themselves are welcome.

    2). Any content already posted prior to these rules were published will remain and not be deleted. Those threads will be closed.

    3). Although we don't impose any bag limit on hunting pictures, before hunting and posting pictures please act like sportsmen and not meat collectors. If we deem any pictures a mass murder instead of a hunt, we'll delete the content.

    Pictures of hunts of all other species except the ones listed above are allowed.

    Misc notes to hunting section members:

    1). Do not unnecessarily question mods or admin's decisions. Mods delete any content they deem unsuitable without warning at any time. Don't take this to heart, it is always done keeping in mind the best interests of the forum.

    2). Do not be rude.
    3). Do not indulge in foolish forum politics.
    4). If you have any suggestions email them to
    5). If you've hunted something illegally, don't flaunt it.
    6). We suggest not mentioning the exact location of your hunts.
    7). If you think someone has posted content which is against the above rules click the report button. No need to warn the offending member yourself. It's is not your job.
    8). We have often observed a ustad / shagird or forming a group and ganging up on others mentality here. We have tolerated it in the past but in the future will not.

    On an ending note: If you agree with the above rules, great. If not perhaps it's better if you move on.

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