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Thread: Attn: All Members Please Read (August/Sept 2011)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enigmatic Desires View Post
    Fudgie dear.. How would U compare 'keyboard commandos' with 'Mall ninjas'
    You forget about the most common type ladies......Armchair generals.
    The problem with this type is their calm demeanor allows them to get away with much that the clans of mall ninjas and keyboard commandos/revolutionaries would be smacked down by the banhammer for.

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    Everybody give a nudge to Fudge!

    *nudge nudge*

    It's right that bullying always is condemnable, but over the internet its easier to smack a online bully and throw him spread eagle on the e-floor.
    Oh! Do you hear it? The dogs of war await you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fudgepacker View Post
    Its a funny sounding question, but one that can have serious implications, especially for mods and admins. IMHO "keyboard commandos" are way worse than "mall ninjas".

    Here's how I see it... In the online world, the "mall ninja" is the equivalent of the "nerd" or the "dork" in school. He's the guy with a red dot, dual lasers, tactical light, and infrared illuminator on his grand dad's old hunting rifle. He'll post about the new "tactical spring" he got for his mag release that's sooo much better than your factory spring because it's made from grade 2165 unobtainium and will last 567,223 magazine releases. Anyways, he may be annoying, but harmless, and may even contribute to keep things entertaining.

    The "keyboard commandos" on the other hand, are like the ones who were the bullies in the playground. They are far from being the smartest, but are always right (in their mind). They have to have their way, and if you disagree with them, they will impose their will upon you by way of ridiculing, criticizing every post you make, and mocking every thought you share. Sure it's just the Internet, but nonetheless, just words can make people feel very uncomfortable. As a result, members post less and less, then stop posting, and if the harrassment continues, they eventually stop visiting the forum (or blog, or website, or channel) altogether. And where a once hot spot, virtual or real, becomes unpopular, it is very difficult to turn things around. Anyways, just something to think about...

    With the online world becoming such a large part of our lives, and a place where we spend so much time, "Internet bullying" has become a real issue for many kids, and even adults. Yet unlike in the schoolyard, no one's going to get a black eye for standing up to the bigger kid, we should all do our part to stop it. The real world is tough enough, let's keep the online world fun for everyone!
    Totally agreed and usually the aggrieved party becomes the abuser in the future
    lets all just try to adhere to this advice if you all know what i mean seeing a few latest posts by our esteemed members
    Its not the gun but the man behind the gun that matters

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