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Thread: Guidance needed on O/U shotguns

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    Guidance needed on O/U shotguns

    Hello Brothers

    I am a relatively new shot gunner. Have been hunting with my MP 153 Baikal repeater but have decided to switch O/U, simply because i don't like the idea of having the opportunity of firing 5 shots in a row.

    Regrading O/U, I have been doing some research on the forum as well as visiting dealers off and on. My budget is around 80 to 100 k.

    Some of the guns I have on my watch list are:

    1) Marocchi First ( absolutely love the italian beauty but is out of my league/ range, I guess). Any updated info on price tag on a new one and are there any used ones available in the market which our fellow members are aware of and what would be the price range I will be looking at for used ones?

    2) In my recent visits to dealers here, I came across a used Yaldiz O/U. I liked the gun because of its weight and favorable reviews on the internet. The guy was asking 60 k and i think it was a little over priced for a used one. Suggestions from expert and other members about the quality of the gun and price will be appreciated.

    4) Also need update on price, availability of Winchester 101 ( both new and used ones if any)
    5) any other O/U shotguns guns recommended by fellow members

    Will greatly appreciate the help and guidance.


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    Mkhanafridi Bro,

    1) Yes, Marocchi O/U is costly. But it is a fine weapon. Try to find a used one. You may get one for around 100K.

    2) If the condition is good (90%), 60K seems to be good price.

    3) New Winchester 101 is available for 200K. Even used one will not be in your budget.

    4) 12Gauge will recommend Baikal O/U. It is bit heavy but rugged and durable gun.

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    Thanks Leon Bro...really appreciate your advice.
    Since I live in Peshawar any help in finding a used Marocchi in LHR by members living in and arounf LHR will be much appreciated.
    I am not familiar with dealers in LHR at all.


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    But not the Baikal, total rubbish!! See my posts here:

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