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Thread: Price & Availability: Buttstock for Akkar shotgun?

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    Price & Availability: Buttstock for Akkar shotgun?

    Dear all respected PakGunners,

    I own an Akkar Karatay Taktik Pump shotgun with an Up Folding stock, which i want to replace with other traditional Butt stock like standard synthetic butt stock or telescopic butt stock or side folding stock. If anyone has information for their availability and price then I request you to please inform me on it.

    I will be thankful for your kind support and cooperation in this regards please

    Kind regards,

    Jawad Jadoon
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    I own the same gun and was hunting for its full butt stock too as the top folding stock has the habit to bite u on lips if u get too close to it while firing. There is no such thing as Akkar Karatay's butt stock as a spare. However Hatsan Escort's stock will fit nicely on it. I bought it in used for Rs. 3000 from Famous Arms Karachi. Not sure whats the situation in your city but u better look for Escort's Stock as it seems to be a well known name rather than Akkar Karatay.
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    Thank you Omkhan for your valuable suggestion, I really appreciate

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    Escort stock should be available in Lahore. I'd appreciate Naveed to do some effort in tracing it up for JawaadKhan bro, now that we know it can get assembled on the Akkar. Regards.
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