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Thread: In The Love Of Revolvers:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Denovo87 View Post
    Taurus 608 got few things to be happy at last

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    Good looking hand cannon you got there bro congrats on your purchase .
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    Danny Bhai.. Danny Bhai. You have my all time favouritest dream revolver in my favouritest leanght and favouritst finish.

    It was love at fist sight when I fondled her
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    Aoa dear expert members
    i m from peshawar and want to know from where can i get a local revolver (budget upto 50k max). I need it for home defense where by it sits quietly in drawer and can be used by any inexperienced person in case (Godforbid). It must be reliable. May Allah keep every one safe but as every one knows, first bullet already move the gravity of it should fire when asked for. If 50k cannot get such a wheelie. I would rather wait to muster up more buck rather than end up a failure in detail.

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