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Thread: Reduction-Cull - Roe & Muntjac

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    Reduction-Cull - Roe & Muntjac


    Requested to reduce the number of deer on an Estate suffering damage to formal gardens. Asked a long-time friend to come on down and assist. He came down in a US Camper (7.2L V8, 15miles/gallon!), 5hr journey.

    Anyways, set up the Camper, to be self sufficient for accommodation, facilities etc. and started the job and necessary work.

    Tally: 7 deer in 2.5days, 2 Roe and 5 Muntjac. Limiting factor was weather as hot so had to process swiftly as possible (2hrs approx. per deer skinning to vac-wrapped) - flies? where do they come from so quick?

    Some photos for those that might be interested......

    Kit, me - same drill as previous. Friend - Steyer-Mannlicher, 0.243W, Swarovski 8x56 scope, homeloaded ammunition.
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