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Thread: Expensive sports clubs producing WHAT????.

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    Expensive sports clubs producing WHAT????.

    AoA all,

    Sadly,none of our Skeet & Trap shooters could get ENTRY into Tokyo-2021 Olympics.
    Islamabad,Lahore and Karachi Gun Clubs were established years back,but for
    socializing only development of shooting sports seems not in their minds.

    Look at the cost of Land and infrastructure which are in place for (ONLY 2-SPORTS)
    Shooting and Golf and what's the ratio of producing good SHOOTERS & GOLFERS?????

    Golf Clubs in Lahore:

    1. Gymkhana
    2. Royal Palm
    3. Defence RAYA
    5. Garrison Golf and country Club.

    Who, would justify the cost of these (THOUSANDS of PRIME ACRES) VIZ-A VIZ
    production of World Class Golfers.

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    And what about other sports.. There was a time when Hocky was one of the privileged symbole of sports in Pakistan. Sadly, billions are spent on sport (in papers) but the result is nearly zero.

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