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Thread: Conversion of license from 30 bore to 9mm

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    Conversion of license from 30 bore to 9mm

    Dear Fellows,
    I've got a Nadra license for 30 bore pistol. I want to convert it to 9mm. My basic license was issued by the DC back in 1994 whic was later on converted into Nadra's computerised card. Your valuable input is required.

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    Go to the DC office, where your license was initially issued from.
    Go to the Arms branch of the DC office.
    Submit an application of why you want to convert it.
    wait some more
    follow up on your application
    keep waiting
    If you are lucky the DC will issue you a sanction letter which you would have to make the entries on selling the old 30 and entering the new 9mm and submit it to nadra
    If you are lucky- if you have the luck of the Irish, it'll take you from a month to years and counting.
    you could try finding a dealer who could help you with all this, but still there is no guarantee when will you be getting the final 9mm computerized card

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