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Thread: Caniks Caniks And Caniks

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    Quote Originally Posted by KAMAL1 View Post
    CZ's are far superior than glocks,
    glock is only a symbol status.

    on another hand neither Cz's nor glocks deserve these prices
    I am trying to comprehend and make sense of what you said.... But.
    To begin with you are comparing CZ75b and Glock 17
    The pistols which are the face of their companies. They are poles apart and can't be compared
    Second you want us to believe that a company which just recently brought out their striker fired polymer handgun is better than the ones who have been doing it for 50+ years???
    Glock is a status symbol?
    Navy seals
    And every other police/ military must be really worried about their status....
    But one thing I agree with you is

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    "50 YEARS" its too much... 1980-1982, is the BIRTH OF THE GLOCK PISTOL as its website says and came to the U.S in 1987.

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    I stand corrected. I stated the the time when the company was formed. They stated making injection molded parts in 1963.
    But still it's no comparison with CZ who just stepped into striker fired polymer guns

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    CZ P10 Series at best is good alternate of Glock. For evidence, compare firing pin safety plunger of both. You will get to know what I am talking about.

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