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Thread: Lee- Enfield 303 Rifle

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    Quote Originally Posted by AsifKhan762 View Post
    Kindly suggest should I polish the wooden parts before framing or i should frame it as it is?
    it looks good in this condition don't polish it.

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    Thanks FA226 for ur suggestion.
    Few rates I would like to mention
    POF 9mm @120
    Chinese 9mm @180
    Chinese 30 bore @140
    CF 98@ 80K
    These are kohat road Peshawar rates.
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    I have the Mark IV* (Long Branch Canada) that I bought from Karkhano. Me and fellow members Sky Watcher and Deathrow shot it three days back. It was an awesome experience. Unfortunately, I am now almost out of POF and VII ammo and was forced to use VIII (1957) vintage. They locked the bolt and I could not move it at all. However, I had no issues with POF .303 ammo.
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