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Thread: POF 7.62x25/.30 Bore?

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    POF 7.62x25/.30 Bore?

    It seems that this is now out of production. Was 2012 the only year it was produced?
    Pictures of any other years would be greatly appreciated.

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    Don't know how long it stayed in production, but I'm sure its not being made anymore.
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    One of the best Cartridges ever produced by POF

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    POF...? I was searching for their 7.62 TT ammo, and came across a strange mistake on their webpage, i.e. they have placed packaging of 7.62X51 (G3 Ammo) Packings in place of 5.56X45 (M16/M4) ammo.... in giving details of 5.56 info. page.

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    I think the stopped producing it around 2015. Best TT ammo I have ever shot.
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    So there should be headstamps from 2012 to 2015?
    Maybe someday one of you nice guys will be able to send my wife a nice necklace or a set of earrings made from Pakistani .30 Bore cases??? I am quite sure she would greatly appreciate it!

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