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Thread: Airgun banned by Wildlife for hunting (PCP or springer or co2)

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    Airgun banned by Wildlife for hunting (PCP or springer or co2)

    Govt started the move to make the Airguns under the license (NPB not yet concluded). There is another thread which already indicate that for air pistols a license required.

    How our govt currently differentiating between air pistol, airguns, air rifle and bulpubs?

    What are the views of our community on this move?

    It seems me totally unjustified move, they should control the bag limit whatever it is PCP or 12 bore and stop netting.

    What should we do as a community to present our point of view?

    Following are the references:
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    From these notifications and social media posts by air-gun hunters, it appears that this is to ban PCP air-gun for hunting.
    PCP guns are silent, powerful and auto-loading. People were using these to indiscriminately hunt game birds.
    Good conservation move !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imtiaz Shah View Post
    From ... social media posts by air-gun hunters,
    Good conservation move !
    We can debate on which weapon is more lethal for wildlife. Banning PCP gun for hunting on that opinion indicate "lack of logic". Wildlife dept should control the bag limits and illegal hunts rather than banning the Airguns.

    >> powerful
    How on earth, weapon should not be powerful for game?

    >> auto-loading
    No, it is not. Semi auto version are not accurate for hunting.

    >> silent
    PCP still cannot hunt a group of birds.
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    Social media show off played well vital role to ban pcp.
    Even department clearly stated social media references.
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    I say, are Springers also included in this ban? I hope not.
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