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Thread: Baikal o/u mp27 27 inch shotgun

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    Baikal o/u mp27 27 inch shotgun

    dear bros.
    Can anybody comment on baikal mp27 o/u shotgun sporting with a barrel 27 inches.
    I hv seen one and intend to buy but im not sure if any1has come across with 27 inch barrel as i myself hav not heard of it or read about it.
    Stay safe

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    Sporting model of Baikal was never made shorter than 29.2" barrels
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    Dear afzal sb.
    Thank you for your comments.first of all sorry to correct myself.. it was hunting not sporting gun.
    The gun is a 27 inch hunting.and bec of that its a bit cheaper then the ordinary 28 or 30 inch .Non of my hunting colleagues or friends had any knowledge abut this.
    Dr shahid Afridi

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    Which dealer have this item in ready stock ?
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