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Thread: Benelli Ethos vs Baikal mp 156

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    Benelli Ethos vs Baikal mp 156

    Salam to all senior members, I am thinking to buy a semi Auto Shotgun, I am considering Benelli Ethos and MP 156 so would you kindly suggest which is better and why?

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    I am using Baikal MP 155 and itís a workhorse. Never used Benelli brand guns. U can get Baikal around 110 k from Peshawar.
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    153 Baikal is an excellent workhorse. It is gas piston operated. However the 156 is inertia operated and from what I have read at the Kalashnikov magazine website (nothing to do with Kalashnikov concern that made it) , it is an unqualified disaster. FTE, FTF FTfe, it does it all.
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