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Thread: DSA Trushot or DSA Nine

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    I once encountered a comment on facebook on DSA's post mentioning a zigana something.
    out of sheer curiosity I looked it up, opened NM Afzal's recent DSA Trushot review and a video on youtube showing a disassembled zigana F.
    The similarities were SHOCKING. it seemed as if DSA only restyled the exterior of the pistol. The barrel, its chamber, bolt grove, rod rest thingi were verrrrry similar.

    given that zigana is mass produced in pakistan, it shouldn't be a surprise that DSA used that platform ...

    I wonder how/what they made the DSA Nine.

    PS: I would still like to get a trushot someday ...

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    The DSA sales manager Henry Williams is a bit sly at times. That put me off DSA tbh. Even though I have purchased from them more than once.

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