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Thread: Islamabad arms license Ban

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    Islamabad arms license Ban

    How do I find out when will the ban on arms license will be lifted in Islamabad. Also does this ban applies to All Pakistan Applications as well?. I don't why simple tasks like these are a big issue in Pakistan and why there is a ban at the first place


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    There is no sure way to find out. What do you mean by All Pakistan ? New ICT liscences are only valid for Islamabad & Punjab. If you are referring to Ministry of interior All-Pakistan liscences, they are only being made for government officers, military personnel, political office holders & some other 'VVVIPs'.

    Simple tasks are a big issue because policy makers are stupid & ignorant and the system is corrupt to the core. Ban is in place, due to multiple factors, but mostly due to irrational conception of issues. But they use different pretexts to rationalize thier decisions. But ICT liscences were open for about 10 months and only closed 2 weeks ago.
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