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Thread: 9mm new license procedure

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    9mm new license procedure

    Hi guys, I'm from lahore. We've been hearing a lot that new licenses are now open, but I can't find any information on how to get a new license... Where do I start? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    No new license are open yet.
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    Hi. Are they making new licenses?

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    Quote Originally Posted by extracrunchy View Post
    Hi. Are they making new licenses?
    As soon as it happens you will hear from us fools who keep on visiting the MOI and ICT facilitation center every few days. So far the govt is just in chaska mode.

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    Aoa all friends,
    i am an overseas Pakistani and need your help as I have 9mm licence district Islamabad one not ministry of interior one, I have a old book licence and now understand that they are computerising them.
    in 2016, I renewed that licence for 3 years from post office. Now my family members been to the post office and they told them that they donít renew the old one as you need nadra one and itís closed.
    i am trying to go Pakistan early this year and want to know can it be renewed as changed to card one? Where do I have to go, nadra office? And what documents are required?
    any help mostly appreciated....

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