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Thread: Used Glock

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    anyone you can get your hands on and is affordable is good choice. i searched for "" Italian-Filipino Viper "" it showed me alot of green snakes. well if you have to choose between a snake and a gun. its wise to go for a gun as snake is an unreliable reptile.
    I actually meant Tanfoglio Viper (Philippines) 9mm Pistol Viper. It is said to have an Italian origin but made in Phil.

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    H Pani, thank you for an collaborative response.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Afzaal View Post
    link is broken dear
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    link is broken dear
    Post was deleted
    Maybe sold out
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    Between a Canik/ salsilmarz hammer fired pistols and Philipino viper I will trust the former over the latter. Reason being we have way more experience shooting these products here.

    P.S even when imports were open Glocks were 400k or so in Khi. reason being that western Europe and the US have banned exports of firearms for Pakistan. Chinese, Turks and eastern European weaponry were cheaper than their western counterparts since companies were allowed to export to Pakistan.

    NIB Glocks HK and other weapons were bought by individuals who then sold at whatever they wanted to sell.
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