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    Hunting Riflescope

    Hello Friends,

    My shipment that contained an "Airgun" specific riflescope has been detained by the Lahore GPO customs. It took me 4 hours in the Lahore GPO to explain to the superintendent and the appraiser what it was. Finally, after trying to "play dumb" and pretending like they knew nothing about riflescopes and that it looked like a prohibited item, both the appraiser and the superintendent signed the document (release form) and imposed a customs duty of Rs 1,147 on the scope, which I'm completely fine with as long as I can have the scope in my hands, but I'm still not sure if I'd receive it or not because the superintendent kept the release form himself. I'm also aware of the fact that riflescopes are not prohibited items, please find
    Tariff code 9013.1000 in the FBR Tariff plan 2018-19 below issued by the Government of Pakistan:

    Technically speaking, he should've given me the form to deposit into their relevant branch that was in another room in the same building. How do I know that? Because that's the standard procedure they've told me to follow every time my parcels have been detained for customs duty. Again, something doesn't seem right because he kept the form himself and he said he would personally forward the form himself to the correct department but I
    have my doubts that he will.

    Anyway, the good news is that I somehow managed to take a very clear picture of the form bearing the appraisers and his signature, although he wasn't letting me do it. Please find attached picture. I'll wait 1 week to receive my parcel, and if I don't by then, then I'd want to take this matter up with the relevant authority, whoever is in charge. But I have no idea who is.

    Can someone please guide me who to contact, who the authority is that's in charge of the Lahore GPO customs department?
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    donít be rookie. It ll arrive by post mail on your given address in few days. It is the rule, they will never handover to you.

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