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Thread: How to razor sharp a knife

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    How to razor sharp a knife


    Friends need to know how to sharp the knives on YouTube they are doing it either on whetstone or grinder like machine that takes a lot of steel off.

    What is recommended ?

    Kindly let me know where to get this sharpening stuff in Lahore


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    Depends to some extent as to the quality of the knife blade starting with - functional tool (Mora Knives) v custom commissioned (Emberleaf etc.).

    The first will work and sharpen relatively simply but the second likely to have quality steel and different edge geometry (important to retain) and so more difficult to do............

    These links (amongst others) should help...........1:; 2:

    I use a Lansky on working knives (Mora); Custom one (Emberleaf Cael V2 at 400) too expensive to loose in the field. Still practicing on JWS.


    Japanese Water Stones (JWS), 3 grades, and acquire skill/experience (U-tube is your Teacher); Lansky Knife System or similar others, less likely to spoil a blade. Stropping after every use keeps edge for longer without needing to sharpen.
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