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    General Discussion and your opinion

    AoA Brothers.
    Let me know what are your opinions in regards to carry conceal weapon. Since Pakistan has very strict laws when it comes to firearms, and license are issued per arms basis rather than general license. I want to know what your be preferred handgun to carry. Mine would be as follow.

    1. Taurus defender - Revolver: The main reason, you can use both 410 & 45 calibres. In my opinion perfect handgun to defend yourself. Point and shoot less thinking in a panic situation. Since this a revolver less chances of jams. Also this can be used for small games like (rabbit,and more)
    2. Revolver: 22lr or 22wmr that can hold 10 rounds. Cheaper to practice and less recoil. Also this can be used for small games like (rabbit,and more)
    2. Glock or Similar: Since safety is on trigger, it is action ready firearm. However you have to select your ammo wisely otherwise you will encounter jams. This the main reason I have listed as #3 on my list.

    These I would not consider
    1. TT : Single action, will take to much time to pull out load and then shoot.
    2. 92FS: To much thinking disarm safety and shoot. However it does have less chances to jam.

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    I personaly carry a .32 SnW long wheelie. & shots of SnB ammo. It is good enough for my purpose since I am naturally biased towards wheel guns rather then pistols.

    The Taurus defender is a good choice, except where ammo is not available. And here I have yet to cee the 45 (not .45 acp) wheel gun ammo. As for .410, it used to be in abundence once, but very rare now, at least in Karachi.

    .22lr revolvers and spacialy the dual chamber models are love. I have seen one or two peices here. Asking around 50 to 60k depending on condition that is.

    Not really a Glock fan so cannot comment. As regards TT I concur with the assessment and as for 92 FS. Simply carry it condition two (ala revolver). its safe enough and fast enough in that mode
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