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Thread: Question about importing personal firearms from canada

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    Quote Originally Posted by pakistanitoup View Post
    .22 licence is easy to get.
    What is the process of getting a .22 license. Also how does the firearms licensing system work in Pakistan. For example lets say I got a license to obtain .22 now does it matter how many 22lr I purchase on that license or am I restricted to buy only one firearm per license.

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    Thank you brothers I found my answer in regards to licensing firearms. I have another question thou, where can I find a list of non prohibited bores or prohibited bores.

    I thought Canadian firearms laws were bad, Pakistani firearm laws are worst now. But I will hand it to Pakistan classifying a calibre is a very smart idea to enforce gun control over semi & automatic rifles.

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    Rule of thumb. "all" auto weapons are PB. Irrespective of caliber
    Apart from that, 7.62x39 is pb in both semi and full auto configurations.

    However provinces have their own rules as well.
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