WAPDA is the premium sports promoting organization of the Federal Govt. We have almost 2000 sports persons and 37 sports that we compete in National and International level. We are current Quaid-e-Azam Trophy holder of National Games.

( Kindly visit WAPDA web site http://www.wapda.gov.pk/index.php/sportsinfo )

WAPDA gained membership of National Rifle Association Pakistan in 2017 and we have men and women teams for all shooting sports played in the National games, including air rifle and pistols and skeet/trap.
The Shooting team has been provided top of the line competitive Air rifles and pistols and we are short listing .22 rifles and pistols to be procured. We are also planning a rifle and pistol range in the WAPDA Sports Complex, Lahore.

WAPDA has also raised men and women Archery teams with latest top of the line equipment.

WAPDA SPORTS BOARD , as a policy will be recruiting young (read very young) sports persons as we are focued on competing for Olympic gold for Pakistan.

As current President of the WAPDA SPORTS BOARD, I would like to invite the shooting fraternity to be a talent scout for us and find by whatever means, on 100% merit, young persons who are Olympic material so that we can sponsor, train , groom and facilitate them in all means.
Ideally we are looking for naturals who have the mental and physical attributes required for a champion shooter
( pl see https://www.usashooting.org/library/...2010_rifle.pdf )

So far we fall short on scouting out talent as , unfortunately, most people either project themselves or have vested interest in someone.

I am seeking help from members of this community to help locate promising youth on 100% merit, whom WAPDA can mentor and facilitate for this national need. We will check out the suggested aspirants and tailor make the needed enabling situation.

The other major gap in our shooting team is skeet and trap. This is a very expensive sport and being a Govt. organisation, we cannot spend the huge amount it requires for each individual. So we are looking for skeet and trap top players who can afford the sport on their own. We can give a stipend based appointment and enable these top players to compete for WAPDA.


Amer Ahmad
Secretary WAPDA

Pl. Contact:
Mr. Saqlain Raja
DG Sports WSB

Mr. Razzak Gill
General Secretary WSB