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Thread: ASIL ASL12 Tactical Shotgun

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    Quote Originally Posted by fezan View Post
    local manufacturing at such quality costs more than its current retail price. In my assessment, these guns are safe from being cloned at the moment.
    Strongly Agreed
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    I have the same one

    Quote Originally Posted by Tokarev View Post
    Assalamualikum Brothers

    I have not done a single review of any gun ever nor I am an expert. I am just introducing respected members to another gun available in market and I would request seniors to shed some light on this new hottie in town. I bought it from Peshawar in 32K and after test firing it, bought another one instantly. I shot one box of LG and two boxes of # 4 through it, without any break and without any hiccup.
    Its Asil ASL12 tactical shotgun, Made in Turkey.
    It comes with a 10 round and a 5 round mag, nothing else.
    Retractable/ side folding buttstock with chin rest.
    Surprisingly less recoil and its very very fast.

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    Can u Please tell me how to dissemble this gun for cleaning and secondly what is this second switch on the gun near the barrel at left side. One is for safety/fire but second one is for what purpose? please guide.
    Further i have rapid fired this weapon with almost 100 Turkish Duck Hunting Rounds and 50 POF Duck Hunting Rounds, after which it was not loading the POF Round properly. Now the local dealer has drilled into the gas mechanism (I guess) and said that the gas hole had to be smooth to avoid inconvenience in future. Please give your suggestion as i am new. Thanks a lot.

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