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Thread: Gamo Whisper X 0.22 Caliber (Scope Mount Stopper Lost)

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    Gamo Whisper X 0.22 Caliber (Scope Mount Stopper Lost)


    I am new to this website. I am having some issues with my Gamo Whisper X 0.22.
    The thing is, there is a stopper at upper side of the Gun which stops scope to push back when being shot.
    After firing some pellets I noticed that the stopper was gone and the screw on which it was holding was also gone and some part of the screw is left inside.
    Is this a normal thing? As, I have lost that stopper with half nut left inside. Now Where should I install my scope so that it cant go back and forth after pellets being shot. (Scope has also lost his zero error)
    I am using Magnum Gamo Pellets

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    Get a long one piece scope mount with 4 tightening screws on the side and a grub screw at the top which can be lowered into recesses at the top of rail to act as a stopper. Which scope are you using. Out of the cheaper scopes available in Pakistan Center point is somewhat better and holds zero. If your budget is forgiving and you can import stuff then I can give you better suggestions. It is possible that your current scope has given up if it keeps changing zero randomly.

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