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Thread: DSA Shooter Shotgun 12 Guage

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    DSA Shooter Shotgun 12 Guage

    Hi everyone !!
    I'm new to shotgun ...I intend to buy a shotgun for self defence, have heard about DSA shooter .
    Please tell me how reliable is it and what's it price n availability
    P.s : I'm from Karachi plus i have a low budget so tell me its alternative

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    Go here and do some study
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    Cost is around 22k at Tayyabally (last i checked) and co at main Lucky star Karachi. they are the main distributors of the product in the city. However, there is a faulty piece there that a fellow member bought and it was replaced after intervention of DSA itself. Be careful that you do not get that one. Meanwhile Tipu bhai 'can' give discounts if you are good enough to wrangle one out of him, that is.
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