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Thread: DIY Accessories - Butt stocks, grips and Handles

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    DIY Accessories - Butt stocks, grips and Handles

    Dear Members,

    Please share pictures of any and all custom accessories - particularly related to wood working that you've done / had done.

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    Let me kick it off with few of the projects that I undertook. Also to point it out in the beginning that the wood finish has been done by me in the following projects.

    I refinished a complete M44 with laminated stock some time back. Now it rests with a very good friend; totally worth it. Complete details are at

    Here are the pics of the final product.

    After that I took on a project of refinishing M1 Garand. And NO it doesn't rest with anyone else but me. The details of the complete project are at

    And the final pictures

    This next project was not done by me personally; but is worth sharing anyways. It was my friend's Armscor .22 LR the stock on which was rebuilt. The details are at
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    Yes my bro we all remember your excellent work you did an awesome job on both the rifles .
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    Extremely great work Jibz bro
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