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Thread: CANIK P120; Wannabe Piranha ? ? ?

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    I just noticed that the pictures on post#4 of this thread are not visible. So I am re-pasting them here for information of all.

    Top / Right : Piranha
    Bottom / Left : P120

    Hammer design is same however the beaver tail on Piranha is a little bit beefier.

    Unlike the P120, which has 3 recoil grooves on its accessory rail, the Piranha has only 2.

    There is an uneven and somewhat strange cut in the internal bay of the frame of P120 where the recoil spring and guide rod are seated. This "uneven" cut is not there in Piranha.

    The irremovable/fixed barrel bushing is of the same size on both the handguns.
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    So whats the price of p120?

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    saw one for 120k in Karachi a few months back
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