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Thread: single barrel shotguns

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    single barrel shotguns

    Recently I was introduced to single barrel shotguns and realized how much fun they can be,
    Can someone tell me where to find a baikal single barrel shotgun in synthetic stock and the expected price for it.

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    saw some single barrel at Orient check with them

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    I never understand the usage of Single barrel shotgun.
    Yessss I'm Baikal lover 💕
    My life my rules...

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    I wanted one for plinking mostly and having fun but they have their benefits too for example, they're break top action is simple, the guns are generally cheap ,can fire almost any shell you put in them and also are very light even though they're very rugged and reliable but all of these pros are undermined by the low capacity of the gun.
    Also I've seen some barrel adapters for using different calibers through them, only online though.
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    Last paragraph is much understandable.
    Yessss I'm Baikal lover 💕
    My life my rules...

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    Single barrels with an adapter kit is fun. U can shoot whatever caliber u want, without the hassle of licences.

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    These were the adapters i was talking about,

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    AoA all,

    With respect to BRO AZAM'S choice ,I would second bro AFZAAL'S point of view.On numerous
    occasions we need to have a reserve "SECOND SHOT".

    1. SD scenarios ( who the idiot would give us time to RELOAD SECOND SHOT,a real slow shooter
    would empty his half magazine of a handgun by the time we (OPEN,EJECT and reload second shot).
    of a single barrel shotgun.

    2. Waterfowl and upland hunting(For waterfowl,birds landing over DECOYS would require multi-shots again.
    Quails and partridges do present the same challenge.
    3. DOUBLE TRAP,TRAP , SKEET and SPORTING CLAYS require the need of (QUICK SECOND SHOTS),through
    SEMIS or DOUBLE BARRELED shotguns.

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    I agree with you completely Mian-50 that one shot isn't practical in most situations but as i said before,
    i was only planning about buying one for recreational use. I only stated the advantages of having one
    because Afzaal asked as to why one might buy one.

    Also for HD and SD I have a dedicated shotgun the Armscor rs a2, which is a seven shot auto loader.

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