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Thread: My recent ibex hunt 10-04-2017

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    My recent ibex hunt 10-04-2017

    Time to show my efforts.......
    Hunt this beautiful Himalayan Ibex from Passu Glacier .
    It was very very hard core trip as all animal was at the top of Hill. Started climb at 5am till 2.30pm.
    Once I decided to stop going on as the track was so dangerous because of snow .ALLAH ALMIGHTY give me courage to continue.
    There was 6 big ibex and I mark one, who is looking more good and bigger then out of 5, but unfortunately
    Suddenly he disappears as the distance was so long (645y)
    My guide insist me to shoot and not to wait for the bigger one as all of them started moving behind the hill and we had no chance to shoot I made up my mind to shoot who is looking good and suddenly this unlucky Ibex jumps up to Hill and I took aim to shoot this at distance of 605 yards.
    Blaser R8 n 7mm rem magnum + Zeiss Victory V8 + zeiss AVS ballistic turrets and most important leica range finder plays a vital role as my shooting angle was -17 degree plus temperature and atmospheric pressure,all these data I got from LEICA RF and put n my Ballistic calculator and that shows me 32 ballistic turrets click.
    605 yards.......68 inch bullets drop is covered by zeiss 32 clicks and it's works perfect .
    The animal was down at the spot.
    After my fire all animals started running towards me and stop at the distance of 100 yards as it was really unbelievable. Then again I saw tht 3 big ibex and my guide to shoot as I won't get any chance in future.
    I control my finger and I let them go for my / or yours next hunt.
    Thanx to all my dearest friends who appreciate me who love me and always prayer for me.
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    What a class... you are our inspiration my brother. Thanks for sharing the story and pics of this marvellous event.
    Btw this scene is breathtaking. Worth more than hunting. Stay blessed.
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    Gud Job Keep it up.......
    It is easier to Blame the gun than the man behind it......

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    MashAllah bro

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    very nice and location looks like a scene from movies.
    Good work and best of luck in future hunts
    Keep Calm & Carry One

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    Waooo Great! Tracking and Hunting side by side
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    Wow. Great shot and incredible effort. Love to read your hunt posts. Cheers SanSyed.

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    Awsome trophy great pics
    Congrats brother.
    Yessss I'm Baikal lover 💕
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    Awesome bro mashallah very nice hunting trip . A golden memorie which will be rememberd and talked about by many friends and loved ones .
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    congrats on your ibex harvest man and very nice view in pics that pays for it all

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    Brother congrats on the lovely trophy...

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    huge trophy. Masha Allah

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    Excellent bro and congrats. I hunted my first Ibex in April 2016 in Passu with a Winchester 70 Super Grade .30-06 at 552 meters as well and I can imagine the tough terrain!!! I’m planning to go in 2 weeks time to Hunza again for an another Ibex hunt.

    who was your guide? Can u Provide contacts?

    Lastly, thanks for leaving the 3 big Ibex’s Hopefully I will be able to get one as well again this time ��
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    Very Nice Dear

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