Dear Senior members (especially those who have used Norinco NP 34 and NP 42),

I have recently applied for a provincial (KPK) arms licence that is supposed to have all Pakistan stamp on it. I intend to keep the weapon (for SD/HD) in Isb. Since this will be my first weapon in the handgun category and i have considerably smaller hands, i wanted to be sure before buying.

Considering my price range (max 65k for weapon) and the current prices, i have decided to go for a chinese weapon.

I have visited a few arms dealers in Saddar and have help NP 22 and NP 42 in my hands but NP 22 feels really big. NP 42 feels perfect in the hand but i wanted a steel frame and something as rugged as an NP34 but no one in Rwp/Isb seems to have an NP 34.

My license guy might be able to get me an NP 34 from Peshawer but i want to know if it is suitable for someone with small hands (would also help to know if its the same size as NP 42 grip and smaller than NP 22 grip or the same size bulky size as NP 22 grip.)

would be awesome if some member in Isb has an NP 34 which i can hold to see if it fits the hand ..

Thank you