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Thread: Gun Insurance

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    Gun Insurance

    Do we have a system of Gun Insurance in Pakistan, any information

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    I have yet to see an ensured weapon, at least here in karachi
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    You can contact insurance company I am sure they will help you out it comes in luxury item . People ensure their watches so I am sure their must be some thing available regarding this matter .
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    Are you asking about insurance only for the gun, or whether the gun would be covered under a general policy like homeowner's insurance?

    In most countries, a homeowner's policy (it might not always be called that) covers any property within your home.

    Common exceptions are:

    a) lawful property - they won't cover things that are unlawful to own

    b) coverage up to a certain limit. Generally, a higher limit involves higher premiums

    c) due diligence - some companies won't pay unless you made an effort to secure your belongings, like regularly using door or window locks. Some companies may require an alarm system of specified configuration.

    d) deductible - they won't cover losses below some amount. You have to cover that, then the insurance covers the rest, until their payoff limit

    e) proof of ownership - for valuable items, you may have to provide photographs and/or serial numbers in order to be reimbursed. Generally, they figure an average household has some value of belongings, and that's what they'll base your reimbursement on. If you have more valuable items, you have to be able to prove it.

    f) registration - for very high value items, like jewelry, coin collections, etc., they may require inspection by one of their agents or investigators, who will photograph and write a report on those items. That's primarily for police or investigators to use if the items are stolen.

    g) where you live and how old you are often make a big difference on the price of a policy.

    h) your policy may require you to report losses to your insurer and/or the police within a certain time, and may require a specific method for reporting. Otherwise, they don't have to pay.

    No matter where you are, your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurer. They won't cover *anything* that's not on the contract. And their lawyers will probably try to weasel-word it to make it look like it covers more than it does, or hide the things it doesn't cover. Generally, the policy will be long and confusing, and words in legalese don't always mean the same as in plain English. If you have any questions (and you should!), you can make them sit down with you and explain it paragraph by paragraph.

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    if there is i have not heard of it but i have friend in this business and will confirm this from him and get back asap
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