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Thread: After The Credit Card Knife, Get Ready For The Knife Disguised As A Key

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    After The Credit Card Knife, Get Ready For The Knife Disguised As A Key

    You may have come across the famous credit card knives, actually designed by Ian Sinclair but the originals were too expensive, starting from $50, but soon same down to $10 when the Chinese so effectively copied and flooded the market by high quality copies retailing for as low as a $1 each. [As it turns out, the originals were also made in China]. We tested the original and various copies, and found absolutely no difference in the quality. After a while, the copies stopped carrying the Ian Sinclair logo to avoid copyright infringement, but the design remained the same.

    Recently, we came across another ingenious design of knives that were disguised like key. With a total length of 12 cm (4.7 inches) when fully opened, the ‘key’ is actually 7 cm (~2.7 inches) when folded. Although a bit thicker and bigger than an average key, the design and performance isn’t very bad. We were easily able to cut vegetables like a tomato and a carrot, though cutting meat and steak was possible, but not exactly very easy. Considering you can buy them for $2.44 (with free shipping all over the world), we think its a good invesment, especially if you travel regularly or go camping. You can even attach it with a keychain or your other set of keys such as car keys or key that have some other miniature tool in them.

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    Credit card size knife is available in Lahore, I have seen last week, very good quality @ Rs. 500 only.

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    These are small but useful items

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    Very handy indeed got one though.
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