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Thread: canik tp9sa vs baikal viking mp446

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    Quote Originally Posted by FA226 View Post
    You guys please stop talking about Ez9 i will have to buy one.
    U mean.. (gasp) u still have'nt?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Enigmatic Desires View Post
    U mean.. (gasp) u still have'nt?
    Now i will have to.

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    Don't know about Russian Viking but in US Canik TP9 is getting very popular as it goes head to head with Glock 19.
    Check this Video from Hickok45 ,his views and shooting tells a lot about a weapon's pros n cons.
    But many ppl. favor the older model TP9

    And here is what this guy says about it.(maybe coz it's from Turkey a Muslim country) you decide.

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