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Thread: Sharp Love.

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    Sharp Love.

    Art is a relative term. Some find it in abstract things and some see it in nature. What do you call the process of turning a block of steel into a pure utility survival tool. For me that's Art. The right amount of chromium and vanadium and than the mind boggling process of choosing the right steel. Endless possibilities you can mix and match everything but to make the tool that balances everything and is just the right thing is really a work of art. You have all sorts of low to high end steels like, 420HC, 440HC, 18crmov, 1095, Aus8, vg1 and sv30. The list goes on and on. Some are high carbon some are stainless. Some sacrifice edge retention for hardness some sacrifice hardness for edge retention for hardness, Some sacrifice edge retention for rust prevention. Endless possibilities. The manufacturer weighs all the odds and produces one final product that will surprise you.
    If we look at it it truly is a work of art the heat treatment of steels to last finishing touches. If it wasn't art you would probably get a ugly looking deformed thing.
    If you use these tools you will develop a bond with each and everyone. Every piece will have its own story to tell. From batoning to skinning game meat to every day carry or to take it with you in the field. It will become a part of you. If not you could just admire its sheer beauty like i do and make them safe queens. There is no end to it once you get into this. From the cheap Mora's to the higher end Chris reeves each and everyone has its own place and a snob value.
    They asked me what will you do these cut vegetables. No, I just collect them. The sharpness makes you contemplate better and puts you in a trance. I respect them, Just as I respect other guns. You must know the right use of these magnificent tools which although we use in our daily life's but are neglected and overlooked.
    Fools take a knife and stab people in the back,The wise take a knife cut the cord and set themselves free from the fools
    Its a dangerous affair a bad romance. If you get into it. Take this moment sit back and think when was the last time you used a knife and appreciate it. From the blade tip to the pommel its all art, Its just how you look at it.
    If you ask me, Like i said. I don't use knife, I collect them. Its like having wolves at your command. So much power yet so sane.
    If you were in that dilemma of finding a purpose or being restless. Go and buy a knife. It might just do the trick.
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    There are only TWO times when you can have too much ammo... When you are on fire or when you are drowning...

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    Salaam All,
    I dunno how I missed this article

    Shahroze bro, AWESOME.........a very different and unique way of describing your love for blades....which only another enthusiast can understand.....
    Very very nice write up....please do not stop here.....keep it coming.

    Guns will make us powerful; butter will only make us fat. Hermann Wilhelm Goering.

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