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Thread: 26 October Earthquake

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    26 October Earthquake

    I hope everyone is safe. I am in Islamabad these days and experienced this earthquake. I had just sat down at Savers restaurant in Blue area when the whole building started swaying. I had to balance myself to get up and run out. On my way out, some tiles came off the wall and banged on my head. Got a minor injury and tiny little cut. Lost only a few drops of blood. Then outside, standing up on the ground required a balancing act as it was shaking. I was shaken but ok after a few minutes. Didn't have lunch at all on that day. Too scared to go inside again.

    That day, I prayed for all the people out there who had suffered loss of life and property. Thanked Allah Almighty for what I have and vowed to make the best of what I have. Live while you can.

    I pray that you all are ok and your near and dear ones are also fine.
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    Thanks Almighty for saving you from anything serious; it looks Islamabad had more intense jolts than in Sialkot.
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