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Thread: Super Power Motorcycle Launches Archi 150cc Bike in Pakistan

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    Super Power Motorcycle Launches Archi 150cc Bike in Pakistan

    Super Power Motorcycle has introduced the new Archi 150 cc bike in Pakistan and it is introduced in the market at such time, when new investors are waiting to make their investment in Pakistan. There are various motorcycle manufacturing companies, which have started their work in producing the new bikes and they are providing at the reasonable rates, which are comparative than other manufacturers. The sale of the motor bike is escalated to million units per year and it shows the massive potential of the motorbike sale in the auto market in Pakistan.
    The representatives of the company have remarked that the production of this bike is aimed to provide this unique bike to the young people, who will buy this bike with good look and reasonable price tag. This bike is provided with features of 149-c, 4-stroke, air cooled engine and it is mated to 5-speed transmission box. This vehicle, Archi has the features of self start ignition, digital speedometer and front and back LED lights. The company has the desires to broaden the network of its customers by providing this motorbike to the young audience of Pakistan.
    The customers think over the latest and innovative features of the motorbike and availability of bike at the reasonable rates and their equipments are also easily available in the local auto market easily. The company is providing all necessary equipment in market and provides all necessary information, which are considered useful for the potential clients. The company is managing the launch of the new model of 70 cc of company and Archi 150 cc motorbike. The company has designed this bike at the local level keeping in view of the local demand and requirement of the people. The owners of the company have marked this event as the foundation stone of the new and current policy of the company for the provision of better service and production of the motor bike to their clients.

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    Thanks suha for detailed intro and info
    Please share some pics and price tag if possible ?
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    Afzaal G You can check Price,Pics and all details of Super Power Bike at New Super Power Bikes For Sale In Pakistan

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    Too late to respond
    Already purchased Yamaha new YBR 125
    still thanks for your reply.
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    Nice looking machine. Do they offer hard bags for the luggage racks?

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    Yamaha YBR 125 is definitely better than Super Power and you made a better choice buying it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malimaq View Post
    Yamaha YBR 125 is definitely better than Super Power and you made a better choice buying it.
    Just a lush pash
    Such looser compare to Honda's Power
    Got rid ...
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