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All respected members have a look at what i found on a Russian website

Pakistani 9-mm pistol DSA Trushot
June 24, 2016
Pakistan, which surprised many in the XX century, broke into the club of nuclear powers, it produces a sufficient number of different weapons. And let not the Pakistani manufacturers produce the world's best designs, but also, and quite cheap. This is confirmed by one of the latest developments of the local company Daudsons Armoury, which submitted a self-loading pistol under the DSA Trushot popular 9x19 mm caliber cartridge.

This may seem strange, but Pakistan is now one of the most liberal countries in the world in terms of weapons legislation. Moreover, in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa residents are not forbidden to have in a private property is not only small arms, but even heavy weapons, which include rocket launchers and mortars. The reason for such unprecedented freedoms are the local culture and traditions. For example, for the Pashtuns to be the owners of the AK-47 - a sign of special respect and honor. At the same time the cult of weapons plays a very important role in almost all nationalities living in this country, it is at the Baluchis, Sindhis and Punjabis. Many weddings or large celebrations in this country can not do without shooting into the air. According to Michael Palin, the famous British geographer and writer, weapons for the inhabitants of Pakistan - it is a social necessity. Residents of Pakistan carry weapons in the same way as the citizens of London are umbrellas.

Buy a firearm in Pakistan is not difficult. In some regions of the state, primarily in the north-western province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and operate plants producing real homemade weapons. Local craftsmen have learned to copy the rifle in the years of British colonial rule, and the real flowering of local arms business has experienced in the years of the Soviet military presence in neighboring Afghanistan. It was then and there formed a huge market of weapons. To this day, entire areas in the tribal areas live trade in small arms. Many local gun stores that operate both legally and illegally, under the guise of corrupt local authorities, it is possible to purchase the different weapons - saber from the time of the Mughals to the types of weapons of World War II and modern assault rifles.
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Pakistani 9-mm pistol DSA Trushot

Of course, the Pakistani market of small arms is represented not only handicrafts and contraband that comes into the country from Afghanistan. Pakistan's military industry is well developed. One of the largest companies in the country that specializes in the production of small arms is Daudsons Armoury. The production capacity of this company is located in the city of Peshawar in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, which has traditionally been a center of arms production in Pakistan. The company was founded in 1954 and currently is one of the contractors, the Ministry of Defence of Pakistan, producing quite wide range of products. The company specializes in the production of small arms and artillery weapons. Today DSA enterprises produced 120-mm and 80-mm mortars, 40-mm automatic grenade launchers and hand, Single-barrel shotguns and pump action shotguns 12-gauge, a variety of rifles and pistols. Do here and the issue of ammunition from various mines and grenades for grenade launchers RPG-7 and bombs of various calibers. It also produced a large amount of ammunition for small arms, shells and shell casings and gunpowder.

Daudsons Armoury Company has also developed sector for the production of civilian weapons, including non-lethal. Here collect small-caliber self-loading rifles, shotguns and Single-barrel smoothbore pump action shotguns. Notable is the fact that, unlike military products, which often is a copy of the Soviet, Chinese, American and German technology, weapon models, intended for the civilian market, are own developments of the Pakistani companies.

These developments include the 9-mm semi-automatic gun DSA Trushot, which is the first example of handguns, which was independently designed by the designers of the company Daudsons Armoury. The gun is aimed primarily at the local arms market, but given the fact that Islamabad is a major arms exporter, supplying it to more than 40 countries in the world, we should not exclude the option that the gun DSA Trushot will be shipped overseas in third world countries . Also, do not doubt that the new pistol was developed in Pakistan, will be the subject of keen interest among collectors of exotic weapons from around the world. Especially, taking into account the fact that the company Daudsons Armoury already introduced the pistol, made in including in traditional oriental design (pistol was lavishly decorated with engraving). this gun performance may seem very tempting for lovers of unique firearms.

Pakistani 9-mm pistol DSA Trushot

Externally, a Pakistani gun is somewhat similar to quite popular SIG Sauer 226, but with numerous technological and design simplifications. This DSA Trushot has a good balance and makes an impression strong enough weapons. For automatic pistol Pakistani designers have chosen the traditional pistols of the caliber of the barrel with a short course of locking due to its imbalance. The total length of 9mm self-loading pistol is 189 mm and the weight of the weapon without ammunition - 900 grams.

Barrel of the gun has a length of 105.6 mm, inside it is chrome-plated and has 6 grooves with a pitch of 254 mm. The high-quality chrome steel of 4140. This steel has a high elasticity, heat resistance and fatigue resistance, so is quite widely used in the automotive, aerospace, oil and gas and defense industries, where this steel was chosen as the material for the barrel used for the production of spindles, shafts, torsion bars and other highly loaded parts. In this case the weapons became common as steel for the production of barrels and as a material for the blades of knives. Tray chambering was carried out large, it provides reliable chambering of ammunition used with all types of bullets.

Frame pistol is made of aircraft aluminum alloy and, like a pistol barrel was protected by trademark special scratch-resistant coating DSA ScratchlessTM. Housing and other external parts 9mm pistol have a traditional matt black oxidised finish. Swinging-gate housing is not observed, it was fitted very well with small tolerances. The slides are made of black resin and provided with corrugations in the form of points. On the gun used trigger mechanism with an external hammer double / single action. There is also a slide catch. On the housing-gate was located a two-way lever type fuse. In the closed position separates the fuse between a trigger and the trigger blocking as drummer. DIL store for this gun holds 14 rounds, and it is more visible in the latch button located at the bottom of the trigger guard. Trigger guard is not fully familiar with the notch for the second hand, the value of which, to be fair, sometimes contested.

Pakistani 9-mm pistol DSA Trushot

9mm pistol DSA Trushot was equipped with three-point gun, c green dot sights on the unregulated and two red dots on an adjustable rear sight in the lateral direction. Under the barrel of the gun it is standard for the installation of various tactical accessories. Performance and quality finish details do not cause problems, while remaining quite good, significantly exceeding the quality of Chinese-made pistols, which are widely spread on the arms market of Pakistan. At the same time weapons manufacturer underlines the fact that the gun is made entirely in accordance with ISO standards and NATO standards. Consumer gun DSA Trushot comes in a neat case of plastic and supplied with two shops.

Pakistani 9-mm pistol DSA Trushot has surprisingly good accuracy and stability when shooting. At the same time an effort to self-cocking the shutter and move the hook in the single action mode, this gun could be better, though far superior to its closest Chinese competitors, which include gun CF-98 models and the like, according to the specialized website all4shooters.com.

Gun DSA Trushot is very reliable and has a high survivability. In particular, the manufacturer says that after the 5000 drop shots muzzle velocity of just over 2%. People shoot out of the gun, as it highlights one interesting feature: even when firing rapid series of gun barrel is heated so small that to him calmly and without fear can be touched by hand. This feature, apparently, is due to the very thick walls of the barrel.

Pakistani 9-mm pistol DSA Trushot

Of course, by its technological and technical level Pakistani gun DSA Trushot can compete confidently with modern pistols from leading manufacturers, but in the lower price segment, in particular on the criterion of price / performance, the gun may well assert themselves in the international arena. On the Pakistani market price of the 9-mm pistol is from 27 to 30 thousand Pakistani rupees, which is about equal to 230-250 euros.


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Lieutenant AvatarMladshy
Stormtrooper June 24, 2016 07:44 ↑
It is better to decorate the engraved gun? Yeah, to them it probably is not doing nothing.
But seriously, it is better than anyone?
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Lieutenant AvatarMladshy
Stormtrooper June 24, 2016 11:37 ↑
Once upon a time, I look, you do not have to - at half past six you are a German, is already half of the ninth Russian, that explains a lot.
Reliability and ease as in scrap have always been the hallmark of the national arms. Not to say that it's good, but it happened. In my opinion we need admissible Reliability victim to exactly ergonomic.
As far as modern Russian guns, then with the arrival in the country kapitalizmusa (man to man - the wolf), the production of high-quality firearms became greatly interfere with undercover romp between CB. Everyone is trying to snatch a piece by any means available.
SR-1 is not difficult to modify - replace materials, remove this stupid ****ing bar and you get, roughly speaking, a new generation of PM.
GSH-18 - I personally did not hold in their hands, but they say with the reliability it has everything in order. Problems in his ergonomics (how shocking surprise!).
As for the mailbox, then it strange (for Russian weapons school) story came out - with the accuracy of fire and ergonomics had no problems, but there is a reliability. Apparently affected by Western influences and sacrificed too much reliability.

Take the R-226, and simplify it for most tomatoes can any geek. Come up with an original, reliable, efficient and ergonomic design is far more intricate. However, the process is not in place - improved materials, design improved. T-34 is also in the throes of being born.
Chukcha RU June 24, 2016 09:36 ↑
Why is "better"? That is when we will take "military tests", then we can say something more definite.
Mountain arrow RU June 24, 2016 8:37
We do not have civil korotkostvola market. Therefore, all development of these weapons are aimed at programs of the state, re somebody. Ministry of the Interior, or the army, or at least the intelligence services. Very good gun GSH-18 manufacturer ugly ruined (he held in his hands, I know).
Will the market - will cool korotkostvol. And so - there is covert struggle for the great uncle of the state order, as a weapon in this case - is secondary.
Skubudu (1) RU 24 June 2016 09:15 ↑
Our guns will be very hard to compete with well-known international brands.
From domestic only PM and APS, but it is a pity to buy the MTA no longer produce.
AvatarGeneral army
cth; fyn (2) RO 24 June 2016 09:51 ↑
You have seen saiga without napilenga? Will the market will be a pile of junk.
AvatarGeneral Col.
gladcu2 (2) CA June 24, 2016 20:53 ↑
Rock Shooter

Even if the market will not Strelkovka vseravno will market dezaktivirovonnogo or airsoft copies.

So we should not be upset.
AvatarGeneral army
cth; fyn (2) RO June 24, 2016 9:47
Even the Pakistanis could in the gun, and when we can we?
AvatarGeneral Major
A Lekov RU 24 June 2016 10:02
Today the enterprise produces DSA ...... Single-barrel shotguns and pump action shotguns 12-gauge
Then he tried to push-ups, and on the web expanses found a couple of links:
- Remington & apos; 1740 - "samopal"
- Double-barreled shotgun Standard Manufacturing DP-12

Thank you for your interesting article, with respect to the author,
But we must be careful, about dvuhstvolny pump action shotguns manufacturing Pakistani DSA

AvatarGeneral Major
RU Lekov A June 24, 2016 10:04 ↑
Thanks again for the article!
In pursuit: Standard Manufacturing DP-12

AvatarGeneral army
Verdun EU June 24, 2016 11:40
Thanks to the author for the article. The one case where the Weapons are not just written - it is - and describes the design, but also has information on its behavior and characteristics. The latter, in my opinion, is more important than "swinging larvae" and "barrel distortion". Since the device is to understand only later, when it is clear that the weapon - good.
Lieutenant AvatarStarshy
Ilya Mikhailovich (1) RU 24 June 2016 18:12 ↑
Maybe you're just not a techie. It is interesting also to learn how the different rarity: self-loading rifle Mannlicher 1886, for example, or automatic Korobov TKB-022. These samples can hardly be called effective, but does that make them any less interesting?
AvatarGeneral Major
Kastor_ka (2) RU 24 June 2016 13:32
Pakistanis handicraftsmen any trunks, for any purpose, any "Khokhloma", and judging by the video they have pretty well - well done one good word

bogs (3) KZ 24 June 2016 13:57 ↑
Yes, they have the whole cartridge factory in the tribal areas, is an article on how the TO was.
MP-5 is still manufactured under license, not to mention the shots to the RPG-7, in the article mentioned.
Maki Avellevich (1) IL June 27, 2016 06:15 ↑
Castor oil
judging by the video they have pretty well - great one word

Perhaps, but - in the production (manufacture oruzchie no exception) is extremely concerned about security-Trial.
in the video we see no production soblyudaescheee standards like ISO for instance.
produtskiya prizvedёnnaya this manner is not stable. harakteiristik variation between different products is huge and therefore not acceptable to the majority of consumers.
AvatarGeneral army
Damm (5) RU 24 June 2016 23:43
Sory, but what sort of shit to discuss. That's me on Packowski Pugachev
Rich-KSY IS June 25, 2016 3:37
It is always interesting to learn about the new weapon.

With some comments agree to raise the quality you need.
tracer (2) CA June 25, 2016 4:15
Quote: Rich-KSY
some comments agree to raise the quality you need.
Who? Who needs to raise quality? Semi-feudal country in the clothes which includes firearms? Here let's ... Well, they have raised the quality of what? Now their "outfits" have become fashionable? Or the biggest US market such firearms ... Both have pistiki Packie on his knees doing? It should be profitable imports do .... I've said nothing about the fact that the fastest and surest way to improve the quality of it's just my knees to wash.
aiw (1) RU 25 June 2016 10:24 ↑
Generally they are the weapon actively and skillfully use. Will the above quality - effectiveness of the increase.

IPhone also won in China to collect dirty knees, nothing says.
Maki Avellevich (1) IL June 27, 2016 15:43 ↑
IPhone also won in China to collect dirty knees