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Thread: ︻╦̵̵͇̿̿̿̿ CZ-452-Style'╤───

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    ︻╦̵̵͇̿̿̿̿ CZ-452-Style'╤───

    Can you say “Česká Zbrojovka” ?

    Well don't worry neither can I, But I think it doesn't matter. To all of us it’s just CZ.

    We just love almost anything which has a “Česká Zbrojovka” stamp on it.

    So, I too fell in love for the first time again & this time it was,

    a *Point-Two-Two* bolt action rifle.

    After finding some Classic pieces of BRNO’s & 452’s for many friends,

    Now it was time to find one for myself & being very lucky, somehow!

    I found One! Brand New! Zero Meter! And I was just like that.

    It’s called, CZ 452-2E ZKM “STYLE”.


    > Calibre - .22LR

    > Stock - Synthetic

    > Magazine - 5 Rounds, Detachable Type

    > Trigger - Adjustable for weight of pull

    > Sights - No Sights, Integrated scope 11mm dovetail

    > Overall Length - 41 in

    > Barrel Length - 22.5 in

    > Length of Pull - 14 in

    > Height - 7 in

    > Width - 2.5 in

    > Weight – 2.6 kg, 200 grams less than wooden models (2.8 kg)

    > Barrel Type - Cold Hammer Forged, Matte Nickel Plated

    > Rate of Twist - 1:16 in, 6 land and groves

    > Safety - Manual firing pin block

    Quote Originally Posted by ČeskáZbrojovka
    “The CZ 452 rifles are manufactured from steel billets not tubing or plastic, the barrels are hammer forged for accuracy and long life. The trigger is adjustable for weight, and the safety is located above the rear of the bolt and provides a positive firing pin block. Single shot adapters, 5 rd magazines and 10 rd magazines are available for this line of rim fire rifles.”

    This rifle comes in a card board box with a manual, a warranty card and a signed target proof. And I got it as a package deal along with a 4x32 scope and 1” mounts both made by CZ.

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    Now some photos of the thing

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    Mian jee Congrats brother on your purchase and good info share from your end. please share the price too

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    congrats on the purchase and please do share the price

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    Trigger Job Part 1.

    There is supposed to be a range report in every review, isn’t it ? but there is more.

    Before the wasted range report, I want to tell you that the trigger of the new 452/455’s is a killer.

    Ridiculously heavy (about +5lb's) & a lot of creep (about +20/1000”) as compared to old BRNO’s,

    It was very hard to keep hold on the target when pulling such a hard & clumsy trigger.

    I was just shooting flyers for the sake of range report.

    For me, it was like .22 Left-Right, rather than .22 Long-Rifle.

    And the Scope was also making things worse with its 4x fixed magnification & R2 reticle.

    It was so stressful for me to keep a steady hold beyond 50 meters.

    Situation was despairing & my feeling of “Something Missing” was growing strong.

    And I was just like, what the heck should I do now!

    "Mareez-e-ishq par rehmat Khuda ki, Marz barhta gaya joon joon dawa ki..."

    So I decided to take the desperate measures, and a coded distress signal was on the roam,
    A quick reply came expectedly from the *Holy Gunsmith* & it came back with all the remedies.

    Royal Mail arrived with a couple of trigger kits & a 10rd magazine.

    This kit removes the creep and lightens the trigger pull weight by the use of shims and new springs. Kit includes 4 shimming tubes of different thicknesses and 4 new springs of different strength, plus a 3/32 roll pin to replace the original front trigger pin. Trigger pull weight can be adjusted from approx. 0.5 to 3.5 pounds. The kit also provides you with a new pin to use instead of the old one. The replacement isn't actually a pin, but a rolled piece of metal.

    Since I don't have a trigger pull gauge to measure the ones in between, I guess the second lightest spring is around 1.5 pounds & that's a complete guess but all these springs are noticeably lighter than the stock spring, which I know weighs more than +5 pounds for sure.

    Individual results may vary.

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    mian jee congratessssss wat an excelent buy bro now you are boss....
    a solid and awsome choice in cz line really like dis one no words to say just hats off

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    Trigger Job Part 2.

    Now get ready for some dirty job & here are some tools you may need to do it.

    A flat head screwdriver, a framing hammer & a 3/32nd roll pin punch, but I had simply used an Allen wrench instead of the punch. (Don’t ask about the rest).

    Installation is very simple and pretty straight forward, if you know what & how to do.

    “If it is Important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse.”

    First of all,
    Check again.

    Remove the action from the stock, but leave the bolt in the receiver un-cocked.
    It’s a simple task of tapping out the pins.
    Use the punch to drift the trigger pins holding the trigger group to the receiver.

    First you need to remove the rear pin, which holds the rear of the trigger and spring rod in place.
    Once the pin is removed the trigger swings down as well as the spring assembly.
    Don't lose the washer above the trigger adjustment nut either.
    That spring is what determines the trigger pull weight.
    You can replace the factory spring with a lighter one now, and that’s all you need to do if you only want to change the spring.
    Just put the pin back and you are done.

    The gap where second pin fits is where the creep comes from.
    When you pull the trigger the tiny space that the pin has to travel before actually making contact with the sear is creep.
    You can think of it as a dead zone before things actually go click.

    Now remove the second pin and the trigger comes completely free.
    Do not remove the front pin completely.
    I allow it to stay attached to the right side of the trigger bracket.
    If you are going to replace the front pin with the provided roll pin, remove the front pin completely.

    Once you have the trigger out it's just a matter of trying out the different shims to see what fills the gap between the sear best.
    This is a trial and error thing, and takes a little time to figure out depending on your firearm and spring / shim combo.

    You basically need to keep putting back / taking off the trigger to see what works.
    You can't really tell by just half putting it back on and eye balling it (I learned that the fool's way).
    You really put everything in to see if it actually fits alright.

    The difference between shims is so small and barely noticeable that I honestly don't even know if I chose the right one.
    I recommend starting with one of the thinner tubes first.

    It turns out that the red one fits mine or at least that's what I thought at the time, it's 16/1000" inch thick.
    But trigger was not engaging with the sear at all, so I had to do it all over again and I ended up with the blue one, which was the thinnest at 10/1000”.

    To lighten the trigger I used the second lightest spring in the kit.
    As the lightest one felt borderline dangerous and would probably just fire if the stock was hit.

    Remember my intent is a bench queen, not a critter getter or I would choose a heavier spring for safety for a hunting application.

    To install the shim, simply drop the chosen tube into the gap between the sear (above the front trigger pin area).
    The tube placed around the front pin acts as a shim between the front pin and the receiver that pulls the trigger slightly backwards & does not allow the trigger to move forward as far as it did before.
    This reduces the engagement with the sear, which reduces creep.

    You are ready to reassemble the trigger now.
    The front pin will go back through the tube when you replace the trigger.

    To reassemble, seat the spring and spring bar in the recess in the receiver, start installing the rear trigger pin.
    To make sure the pins line up with the opposite holes, align the shim between the ears of the trigger yolk for the installation of the front trigger pin.
    Tap in both pins, always checking the alignments of the pins, holes in the trigger yoke, holes in the receiver and the alignment of the shim along the way.
    Hitting harder won't do any good if the pin isn't started in the hole.

    Put everything back together and you're done.

    "If at first you don't succeed, then maybe you should do it the way I told you the first time."

    Now I have a very light trigger with very little creep.
    Pretty much a light touch will fire it now.
    You can guess if you ever have fired a CZ Tactical Sport.

    Just be sure that you end up with a safe trigger!

    I prefer to do the bump test before you reassemble the rifle.
    Cycle the bolt repeatedly, and then use a rubber mallet to hit the rear of the receiver behind the bolt, if the sear does not release, you should be good to go.

    To be sure your trigger is safe and that the final trigger has at least 12/1000” of sear engagement.
    And mine was definitely having less than that and I will not consider it safe, especially for hunting.

    I believe that we have a responsibility to err on the side of safety when modifying a gun.

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    Range Report Part 1.

    Since I was not satisfied with the supplied scope because of it’s 4x fixed magnification & R2 reticle.
    So I thought a little upgrade would be great as I already wanted to replace the Chinese scope mounted on the BRNO 2 with this CZ 4x32 scope.

    And here they are.

    A Redfield Revolution 4-12x40mm with “Accu-Range” reticle.

    A set of high quality 1” lower mounts to further bring down the scope.

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    Range Report 2.

    Now here is a Range Report after the trigger job & putting a better scope.

    A humans eye view of the range.

    Had to put a DIY target on something, so made a DIY target stand.

    This is an old target shot before upgrades.

    All targets were shot with scope zeroed at 65 Meters & without further adjustments.

    As you can see that I can now shoot with standard velocity ammo up to 60 Meters & high velocity ammo up to 90 Meters without adjusting the scope.

    Note;These tests have been conducted with the available ammo with me, but now I am accepting ammo donations if you want me to test any other ammo of your choice.

    You can see how a different type of ammo behaves individually & dramatically at same distance, even shooting through the same gun.

    Generally each gun likes its own type of bullet, two guns of the same make and model will vary and so the rounds will vary in each gun.

    This is because that .22lr ammo is mass-produced, so no chamber or necking or bullet weights are exactly alike out of the same box.

    The only way to find out is to try several brands with different weight and velocity to figure out which particular ammo gives you the best results at your desired distance.

    So the real answer is the best ammo is whatever your gun likes.

    You just never know until you try and it will tell you.

    In my case, I still have to find the perfect ammo for my gun, but in my opinion Lapua & Eley subsonic are better for plinking, because they don't have to re-enter the sound barrier so they have a more stable flight.

    I have tried many types of ammo but this CCI Stinger .22 EX LR is something extraordinary, it has a tiny hollow point bullet which weighs only 32-grains and shoots out at 1640-fps.

    Believe me; I felt the recoil of .22lr for the very first time.
    It was fun like shooting a .22WMR.

    CCI Stinger has an extra-long case than other cases, as you can see in the above picture compared with a standard sized case.
    The reason is to accommodate the most powder possible to achieve maximum velocity.

    And so, The CCI Stinger packaging says;
    “Use only in firearms having standard ANSI sporting barrel / chamber dimensions.“

    Now the question is, does your gun allow for such a difference in case length ?

    This difference matters for .22LR shooters because while most .22LR guns are made to forgiving tolerances and will chamber & fire these two rounds without a problem, but some guns (particularly dedicated target guns) have tighter chambers and will not function reliably with the longer cases of these rounds.

    CCI Stingers might not fully chamber in a gun that has a chamber tighter than the ANSI sporting standard.
    Or, they might chamber with some difficulty but pinch the end of the case into the rifling causing the case to blow out due to increased pressure.
    Either way, it’s not good.

    So, do you know what ammo is safe for your .22s ?

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    Comparison between 452 Style and BRNO 2.

    Advantages of "452 Style" over "BRNO 2".

    >Attractive, alluring & appealing, just like “Hey, look at me, I’m beautiful”.

    >You can still find one NIB luckily, but no BRNO 2 is available brand new.

    >Life long finish with scratch proof polymer stock with raised cheek pad & a thick rubber recoil pad.

    >A nickel plated barrel in matte finish, so no worries about rusting or faded bluing due times.

    >Light weight than other wooden models, (about 250grams) approx.

    >Much thicker receiver & improved muzzle crown.

    >High quality scope mounts for integrated 11mm dovetail are widely available at reasonable prices,
    (Unlike 16mm dovetail mounts of BRNO 2 are expensive & near to impossible to find here).

    >No open sights, so you can lower the scope at maximum extent.

    Advantages of "BRNO 2" over "452 Style".

    >Classic looks with wooden stock & traditional bluing for vanilla lovers.

    >Slightly longer barrel which helps further to enhance accuracy & to decrease the bang a bit.

    >Open sights & the rear tangent sight is one of the best.

    >Very light & crisp trigger.

    >Bolt is very smooth & light, you can cycle it with your thumb without taking your eye off,
    (Unlike, the bolt of the 452 is tight to lock & scrapes the bullet rim whenever you load one).

    >Real value for money, same fun in half price.

    Now see for yourself.

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    Congrats on the purchase and I think the only and only thing you missed were the prices... Great great review...
    If God didn't want us to have GUNS, He wouldn't have given us GUN fingers...

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    What You Say ?


    Never do anything that you wouldn't want to explain to the PakGunners.

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    Wow... great review of a rifle I personally never liked and that you know very well Mian Jee bro but your detailed review done in such a painstakingly manner just changed my whole perspective of this PLASTIC CZ. Let me congratulate you (officially) on your new CZ, YoDave trigger kit and first gun review. Will be waiting for more pen arts like this.

    Thread made sticky.
    Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage with others.

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    Fabulous work with pen & shooting stick. Thanks MJ to make me hate my MODEL1

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    Wonderful Review Mian Jee!
    I have the honor to shoot this beauti but at that time trigger job was not done. Now, a trip to Sargodha is due.

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    Beautiful and Elegant Rifle with nice accessories, So Congratulations.

    Its beautifully explained and excellently photographed.
    Remember the first rule of gunfighting ... have a gun.

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    Unbelievably Beautifully Written.. HATS OFF to you Mian Jee.

    Stay Blessed!!

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    BTW CZ people should pay you a visit sometimes to "convey their gratitude in person". I am sure they even didn't know such details about one of their products , before this write-up.

    Well done Mian Jee..

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    Just one question

    If one were to hit some1 on the head with with the plastic "butt' (That just does not sound right)

    Would it bust the butt? (still does not sound right)
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    lol@ ED
    Your exuberance of verbosity amazes me.

    @Mian Jee
    A very well described and detailed write up on the DIY trigger job. Mubarak sha....

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