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Thread: Self Defence With .22LR ?

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    i think CQA's in 5.56x45 is actually suspicious
    CQA's primary cal is 5.56 Nato and majority of ww sales are in this cal. .223 rem is an offshoot for it. Our importers are quite cunning in the sense that they do get markings according to their requirements. With 5.56 falling under PB, and .223 falling under NPB there is a likelihood of marking changes to sell these weapons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cancer_doc View Post
    Actually I am looking for a revolver under 30K. Need a NIB/Mint conditioned Arminius HW 3/5/7 or Smith& Wesson. Need it not for self defence but just for plinking at range with cheap ammo.

    Other than that if you want a brand new stuff then Orient traders have Arminius ( new company ) revolver with two cylinders separate one for .22 LR and the second one for .22 Magnum. Asking price was 65K at that time and barrel lenght I think was 3''. In my personal view it is better than Taurus .22LR&Magnum going for 75-80K

    Well.. It is to note that a duel calibre NIB Armininius with two seperate cylnders is more or less the same price as it wsa all these years and years ago. It was 75k (asking) last month at badar and Bratheors Main lucky Star karachi.

    However, snb .22lr ammo that was available at 20 a pop is now around 75 to 80 a pop.
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