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Thread: Jibz Hunts: Continues

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    Cheers, brother Civilian and FA226.

    Our dinner consisted of Trout fish. The locals there had few very interesting tricks up their sleeves to catch these fish. They didnt use nets as its against the law to use them. They would get their hands under the rocks in the water and start fondling around and then in a flash they would spring their hand out and throw the fish towards the side of the river. It was as if these guys had X-Ray vision through which they would know under which rocks those fishes were. In that icy cold water, catching the Trout under the rocks and then pitching them to the shore was indeed a scene to watch.

    Another method used by the locals for catching these trouts was through creating a Shock-wave in the water. That they would do by firing a rifle round in the water at a spot where they would expect the Trouts to be. The Shock-wave created by the muzzle blast as well as the bullet entering the water would stun the fish in a diameter of 2 feet maximum. The stunned fish would surface and these guys would catch them. I don't know if that's a legal way of catching the fish or not (Because at some places, the wall-chalking did say "Jaal ky sath Machli pakarna Mana hy- Catching fish with Nets is prohibited", BUT I did not see any sign prohibiting fishing through Shock-wave. hahahah). Anyways, in my opinion, this method is still way better and humane than the electric shock and explosive methods used by some.
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    Mesmerising..... you should be a professional writer Jibz
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    What a trip Jibz bro (Y) loved reading details & watching images of so beautiful place. Now waiting to see how trouts looked before getting into hikers stomachs. And best of luck for your mechanichee with the boots
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    Salam All,
    Jibz bhai wow......what a place.....and what a write-up.....bravo....
    Sorry to be late to the party.....but I didnt even open pakguns for the last few days.....and you know why....
    The trouts look scrumptious...

    Keep up the great shares.

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