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1). Does PakGuns Sell Guns ?

NO ! PakGuns does NOT sell guns at all. We are a forum for Hobbyists, Enthusiasts and Sportsmen who get together online to share our passion of Firearms with friends.

2). How to Post Pictures

It's easy to post pictures at PakGuns. You have three options:

1). Image Uploader at PakGuns

On the bottom of every page there is a Quick reply box, in box there are 9 buttons. For image upload select the 7th from the left or the third from the right. Once your mouse is over it, it will also display "Image Upload" as a quick text. Select it and it will open an upload window, click "Select files" and it will open a window displaying your hard drive. Select the files you want to upload and click "Open", you will then see all the files selected. Then click "Upload Files" and the files will begin to upload. They will auto display once uploaded. A word of advise though, resize the pictures before you upload them because you have limited space for picture upload on the PakGuns servers.

Uses have the following limits on picture uploads at PakGuns:

a). 0-200 Posts (50 Pictures and 10 MB space)

b). 200-1600 Posts (250 Pictures and 30 MB Space)

c). 1600+ Posts (500 Pictures and 100 MB Space)

2). PhotoBucket

If you want to post one of your pictures then first you need a place to store it on the Internet. We recommend as it's easy to use and also auto resizes the image so that your pictures will not be too large nor too small.

Go to and sign up. After sign up log in your account and click "Upload Now". It will load another page with a big green button saying " Select Photo's and Video's". Select it and it will open a window pointing to your hard drive, simply choose the files you want to share (press shift and click on more than one files to upload multiple files at the same time) and the program will begin to upload them automatically. Once finished click save and continue. Your uploaded pictures will be displayed in the next page. Move your mouse over the image that you want to share and click on IMG CODE. It will auto select the link, come back to your post and either right click and Paste or press CTRL + V. You're done !

3). URL Image

If you would like to share an image which is already present on the internet, select the Image upload button in the quick reply box like explained above and once the uploader opens select "From URL". Simply enter the link where the image is present.

Alternately you can also use the [img] before and [/img] after a link to share a picture.

3). I forgot my Password

Happens to the best of us, no problem. Simply visit this link and enter the email address you registered with. The server will send you an email on that address with a link to reset your password, click on that link and your new password will be emailed to you.

4). I enter my correct password but can't log in.

This is in 99 % of the cases an issue on the user end. At times your Antivirus/Firewall is blocking your form entry so the forum is actually getting a blank login form enter even if you enter your password !

A more common problem is however out of date cookies. To clear the old ones in Firefox go to Tools > Clear Recent History and Select Cookies, Cache and Active Logins. Once Cleared close your browser and restart it and try to login again.

In Internet Explorer go to Tools > Delete Browsing History and select the same three things. Clear it and restart your browser.

These two things will fix any login issues. If not then we suggest asking a friend with technical know how to help as the problem is almost never from our servers.

5). Why are my PM's (Personal Messaging) not Working ?

Personal Messaging for members has been disabled at PakGuns. This facility is only available to Moderators.

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