The new colt centennial 1911

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one beautiful gun. drool!

Official press release:

The 2011 Gun of the Year is custom made with a 24 karat gold plated barrel bushing and screws on the grip panels and ornate embellished slides. The serpentine Colt logo and "2011 Gun of the Year" text is featured in a 24 karat selective gold fill on the right side of the firearm's slide with sculpted roll engraving boasting a scrolling banner with the phrase "Military U.S. Standard" alongside the names of every major war it participated in. The left side slide features the rampant Colt horse and "Colt 1911 100 Years" embellished in 24kt gold fill and sculpted roll engraving showcasing four military vehicles."


  1. xplosive99's Avatar
    the history of colt is 168 yrs old....this is really a worth buying collection....
  2. wasifali89's Avatar
    wow wow wow

    what a piece to own
  3. Slayerjatt's Avatar
    freakin awesome.
  4. s.cheema's Avatar
    very very very beautiful
  5. aschandio's Avatar
    Traditionally beautiful
  6. Moeen's Avatar
    A Colt my fellow Brethren WILL ALWAYS be a COLT.
  7. Kawish's Avatar
    Beautiful and attractive gun..
  8. Dr Zakir's Avatar
    Aah I think I will do it like this except for the 24 k gold .
  9. hashmi420's Avatar
    very beautiful gun...........