Honey, I shrunk the Glock!

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LOL the funny! the owner is now selling it after the "Upgrade"



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  1. wasifali89's Avatar
    lmao...... this is not the kind of behavior u have for ORPHAN GLOCKS even
  2. amrez's Avatar
    zabardast zyadti hai
  3. Enigmatic Desires's Avatar
    May be he just does not like Glocks....
  4. ACHILLES's Avatar
    should have been cut by a steady and experienced hand.
  5. American Lockpicker's Avatar
    The owner would have been better off either getting an airsoft to practice on first or buying a G26 and getting an extended barrel...
    Updated 24-10-2011 at 11:17 PM by American Lockpicker
  6. ben's Avatar
    why? just why would someone do this?
  7. fahadtermazi's Avatar
    Oh My God he shud enlarge his hand instead of cutting that masterpiece.
  8. awanzone69's Avatar
    its funny, wat mar kar rakh di pistol ke .
  9. OZZY's Avatar
    Nice try..... one day u will get success.
    OMG ...!
    Updated 29-12-2011 at 04:59 PM by Naveed_pk (urdu words edited)
  10. arawan's Avatar
    I'm astonished..................
  11. Suqoor's Avatar
    how much??
  12. chohan's Avatar
    Oh my God! whats that???

    Quote Originally Posted by Enigmatic Desires
    May be he just does not like Glocks....
    He should have given it to me then, instead of doing this
  13. fahim007's Avatar
    that is a DISASTER!!

    it is one of my favourite......!!
  14. Atif Bashir's Avatar
    OMG what can i say more then tt "kamal kar data ayy janab"
  15. Sharp Shooter Lhr's Avatar
    hmmm... thats why i dont like POLYMER
  16. Ghous's Avatar
    satynass kr k ab kion bach rhy hain aur es halat main ly ga kon?
  17. irfan ali 777's Avatar
    done dis with hammer
  18. irfan ali 777's Avatar
    i think may b
  19. Glock17's Avatar
    I think he wanted to shorten the grip to make it more CC. He must have been high
  20. khan tanoli's Avatar
    I want this if the owner want to sell.
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