Honey, I shrunk the Glock!

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LOL the funny! the owner is now selling it after the "Upgrade"



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  1. Denovo87's Avatar
    I can see a vertical line as well, owner surely is going to make it slimmer after making it shorter SUCCESSFULLY
    By the way looks owner has fetish of playing with petite butted things
  2. Surgeon's Avatar
    OMG..... I cant blv this. Allah bless the owner !!

    @ Starfish... can u plz provide details of this creative project?

    @ Denovo87... lol
  3. snowleopard's Avatar
  4. Starfish's Avatar
    well there are days for petite butts and there are days for "not so" petite butts :P
    I dont have any other details for this project actually.
  5. Denovo87's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Starfish
    well there are days for petite butts and there are days for "not so" petite butts :P
    You just amazed me with this 'petite n not so petite' appetite philosophy really impressed with your wisdom at so young age
  6. pakgunner's Avatar
    tajurba azeem ustad hai...
  7. ACHILLES's Avatar
    how much money he is asking for it?
    Updated 30-06-2011 at 08:29 PM by ACHILLES
  8. Zeeshan Malik's Avatar
    Hi bro's ......its the worst type of ZAYADATI i have ever seen
  9. Huzaifa's Avatar
    why he is selling such a nice gun. LOL
  10. bbiillaall's Avatar
    this guy must be crazy
  11. mehran khosa's Avatar
    Salam Friends
  12. mehran khosa's Avatar
    Why why he do this. OMG
  13. ACHILLES's Avatar
    Does that person want to sell the gun? if than for how much?
  14. UMAR BUTT's Avatar
    thasts cooooool
  15. nhlfanatics's Avatar
    I am so lucky to read your post!thank you!
    Updated 09-08-2011 at 11:05 PM by Denovo87
  16. Salvation's Avatar
    this should be sold off in "bilal gang style" barrel for 100k, spring for 20k, mag for 40k n so on..... im sure this will get the owner his break even... lol.
  17. Huzaifa's Avatar
    Great Pakistani engineer. Just "Jugar System".
  18. PUNJTANI5's Avatar
    he must be the only genius desiring reduced capacity in a hand gun like glock and amputated the bechari damsel

    most of us crave 20-25 shots in a hand gun he reduced his shot capacity from 15 to 6
  19. aschandio's Avatar
    Denove bro Pls help him; his next project is to fix a mag in that miniated beauty.
  20. BUKHARI's Avatar
    YEH KIA KIYA!?!?! ? :S I mean... whyyy???
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